In order to help you to make a decision whether or not to order from an online store , we have included a basic order-time schedule below .

Please note that online stores DO NOT keep stock - your order has to be ordered in from suppliers countrywide and as such there is a lead time in getting your order to you . Note that shipping times to us are indicative only and while we will try our utmost to keep to the schedule and to speed up the process , we are bound to external processes beyond our control such as supplier response times and their ordering/warehousing systems , courier delays , supplier short deliveries and wrong stock deliveries .

These types of errors do not happen that often but we want you to have a realistic picture of how long your order will take now ,  in order to prevent unhappiness later .  We would also like to mention that the lower prices you will enjoy when ordering online comes at a penalty of waiting period while your stock is on its way to us


All days given are business days and reflect the projected time it will take for your order to arrive at Zaps and be ready for collection .

If you have selected delivery options , add the delivery time to the times below ( ie . If an order arrives at us on Wednesday , couriers will collect your order on the Thursday )


Hardware Orders

Hardware orders will arrive at Zaps 1-3 days after payment has been confirmed . Payment cut off times is 2pm

ie Payment confirmed Monday before 2pm will arrive Tuesday / Wednesday ( latest Thursday in special cases )

Order placed on Thursday and Friday, may only arrive the following Monday.

Software Orders´╗┐

Unless we have stock of a game, Games may 5 working days to arrive at Zaps 

Imported Items

Most of our imported items come from Asia and as such the shipping times range from between 20 and 30 working days . We have tried to explore different shipping options but using a faster carrier would triple the price of the product so in the interest of keeping our prices low we have opted for price over speed

We would also like to caution you that the Asian ordering process is not as accurate as local channels . We are dealing with language barriers , international customs , huge distances and logistical problems . While there is no chance of you losing your payment ( you will be refunded if your order does not arrive / goes missing / is listed as out of stock or exceeds the time frame given ), we do caution you that the process is not as accurate as we would like and is not up to the high levels of service we usually provide .


Imported products will be indicated at the bottom of the product description

If the item(s) are in stock at Zaps , Collection / Delivery is 1 day